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The valuable benefits of employing an external Consultant to deliver business objectives should not be under-estimated. Viewed not so much as ‘outsourcing’, which has been gaining huge popularity in recent years, but seen as an opportunity to prudently address certain issues that will be present in your firm with professionalism and discretion.


Practices vary and may not have the size of teams to employ a full-time Practice Manager or they may not have the resources to analyse current systems that are deployed. If they do have administrational managers in place, they may need external assistance with forthcoming projects. LegalNeeds can provide you with a cost effective solution to this.

Are you considering setting up a new Practice or an ABS?... Read on to see how we can help...

You may be starting a new Practice and will need to consider many issues: the organisation of setting up bank accounts and negotiation of terms with a high street bank, recruitment of key staff, sourcing and purchase of computers and associated legal IT, health & safety issues, insurance negotiation, negotiation of premises and the pre-requisites of regulating bodies etc.


Your client ledger accounts will also need to be created and maintained in accordance with the current Law Society Accounts Rules. LegalNeeds can do all of this for you.


​Office relocation is something that requires careful planning and management. LegalNeeds can consider and analyse the ramifications of moving and manage every step for you including the marketing notifications.

An ABS requires a high level of planning and continual management and this will succeed if we help you plan and maintain your systems.

Acquisitions and Mergers can be supported by us as we work very closely with perhaps the UK’s number one Legal Practice M & A Advisors. LegalNeeds can manage the complexities of your data migration from each Firm into a single chosen manageable PMS system.

CRM, (Client Relationship Management), is very wide ranging and needs to be understood. Not doing it is not an option anymore - getting it wrong could have potentially irremediable consequences – do it right, with us, and the reward will be more than just financial…

Included in our delivered portfolio is consultation on multicurrency functionality or systems put in place externally to cater for this sometimes complex area of legal accounting.

We can also complete a full exercise in analysing operational running costs with a view to substantially reducing these with our tried and tested methods.

Read what information this Website offers from LegalNeeds and then contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss what YOU want to achieve with discretion.

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