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Lexcel Accreditation
Options we offer to help get you Accredited
Our Lexcel Accredited Expert will help you with a combination of the following.

1.a  Lexcel pre-pack

Choice of standard office manual containing all policies and procedures or discrete policy and procedure documents in a choice of word or html format.  Also relevant logs, registers and forms. You, as the Client, will need to fill in blanks such as names of office holders, addresses etc. We would supply details of what you need to do in addition, such as produce strategic plan etc. Preparation of the firm’s application and contact with the assessment body.

Price £TBA.

1.b  Lexcel pre-pack+

As above but you, the Client, completes a questionnaire to enable us to fill the blanks for them, perhaps with a limited amount of straight forward tailoring.

Price £TBA

1.c  Lexcel bespoke

Meeting(s) with you to establish the level of compliance of existing plans, policies and procedures and conduct gap analysis. Tailor office manual or policy documents to the practice.

Price for this will be based on a tailored manual and two days attending your offices. Additional time charged at hourly rate for every half day rate or full day rate (flexible and to be discussed).

2. Lexcel training

Lexcel requires that all personnel receive “appropriate” training and specifically that

       “… all supervisors and managers receive appropriate training”.

  • Training for personnel on information security

  • Training for personnel on equality and diversity

  • Training for relevant personnel to identify conflicts of interest

We can offer training on each of these subjects, each course lasting around 1 hour.

  • In addition, we can offer training in relation to Lexcel itself for all staff where we introduce the standard and explain the requirements, emphasising the most relevant aspects, answering questions and, if desired, expounding on a particular firm’s policies. This would take in the region of three hours including a 15 minute break.

Price £TBA - Again we will discuss prices for this based on flexible timings as above.

The three main courses are be offered as a package rather than pick and choose for most firms. For smaller firms, the reality is half a day to one full day. Most firms, even those that are still quite small, will probably want to split their staff at least into two groups so as not to leave the office completely unmanned for the period of the training. That will mean running each course at least twice and, in that scenario, it will take a whole day.

Lexcel training (about the standard itself) would likewise take three hours and so again, two sessions would take all day.

3. Strategic planning

  • Strategic business planning

  • Financial management and planning

  • Business continuity planning

  • Business Development and Marketing Planning

  • Etc…

Price £TBA

4. Mock Audit

Attend your offices a few weeks before the initial assessment to conduct mock audit of files and interviews with staff to give a flavour of what they can expect and help build confidence.

Price £TBA per half day and per full day. The actual amount would again depend on the size of the practice.


All charges subject to the addition of VAT.

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