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Outsourced Legal Cashier
Legal Cashiering

How we can help and assist you?

LEAP Cashier | Xero Cashiering + More...


Other than providing you with Training on your chosen PMS, we can provide you with a range of outsourced Legal Cashier Services if you require them.


Firstly, we are cost effective because we are efficient, and will be familiar in the use of your current accounts system.

By using our services, you will save on a range of overheads such as the unfortunate burdens of sickness and absenteeism, HR and the general business downtime associated.

We perform all postings remotely via secure networks and can optionally offer visits to your offices if and when required.

We are experts in rectifying disorderly Accounts.

Examples within can also include visits:

• Online remote services or cashier visits to your own office on a daily or permanent basis,

• Temporary cashier cover for sickness, pregnancy and holiday absence,

• Rectifying disorderly accounts from within your offices,

• Monthly & Year End visits to perform period ends.

Cashiering Services

LEAP Cashier | Xero Cashiering + More... We post daily transactions, conduct Month End procedures and perform optional Credit Control and Purchase Ledger processes separately if desired.

All of your Bank Reconciliations will be completed regularly and like everything else we do, ensuring full current SRA Compliance.

We will fully assist in all Billing Procedures and recommend any processes to enhance your use of current Accounting Software that you have invested in.  


Credit Control is handled differently in each firm. In the main, this may be due to staff wanting to control how their client is approached.

By centralising this task, not only will it free up fee earning time, it also demonstrates professionalism and actually help retain existing clientele. Legal Needs can be actively involved in this process ensuring cash really is king.


Purchase Ledger can also be combined with Credit Control to ensure tight financial control.

Meaningful reports will also be provided to assist you in the financial management of your Firm.

Where required, we ensure multicurrency functionality or systems are put it in place externally to cater for this sometimes complex area of legal accounting.

Our people are highly experienced and range from Legal Cashiers, Qualified Accountants, former CFOs and Fellows of ILFM!

Contact Us - for a chat, Free Consultation Quote and then let LegalNeeds handle your Accounts releasing to let you do what you do best - Law!
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